I work as a freelance tutor for Frui as one of their Bristol based tutors, with them I run lots of great workshops taking you on a tour of parts of Bristol while teaching Photography techniques and fresh ideas on Photography. 

I can cater for one to one sessions for individuals or group workshops in any of the following areas: Camera functions, compositional techniques, Lightroom, Photoshop for beginners or advanced skills and basic Photo Bookmaking.

I offer a range of courses. Each course is made up of a series of sessions can be tailored to your individual needs. A session is priced at £40. This will take around an hour. You can choose to do a whole course made up of three sessions once a week or you can choose to buy one individual session. I am very flexible with the course content and if you wish to add or remove anything or if your just interested in a particular session please let me know.
With each session I will provide a hand out and task to illustrate the techniques covered.

Courses available:
Getting to grips with your camera. 

Session 1: Basic Camera functions including: aperture, shutter speed, ISO, AV TV Manual which to choose and why

Session 2: Exposure compensation, meter reading, Compositional techniques, 

Session 3: More advanced compositional technique, Controlling lighting, Flash, Editing skills


Editing and processing.

Session 1: Uploading & Organising images, Lightroom techniques.

Session 2: Basic Photoshop/lightroom skills, Crop, Burn, Dodge, Layers, Colour Balance, levels

Session 3: Intermediate photoshop for more experimental photography e.g Colour Popping, Double exposure


Photobook Making.

Session 1: Mini Zine making, Single stitch & Concertina Books

Session 2: Ordering and sequencing, story telling, Using InDesign to put together a PDF book for printing